Bottling up

Like a bottle of soda, all shaken up by outside events. Trying to let it out but… my lid is closed, shut tight. The force outside is greater than the pressure inside. I can help, try to hear my voice.


Tuesday Photo Challenge-Sky

Here’s my entry for Frank’s over at Dutch Goes the Photo Blog Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sky. I used my cellphone for this.

Clicked this a few days ago on a fine evening. It hadn’t rained the whole day. The air was not too hot, not too cold. And the skies were… like this! Perfect.


Clicked this while I was on flight, on the way to Andaman-Nicobar Islands. The skies were clear and the view of the islands below was spectacular.



Really don’t remember when I clicked this. But I have lowered the brightness while clicking. 

All in your head!

Last week was fun. My brother and cousins were in town! And if you have a working and generous elder brother or sister you can expect to have a gooood time. I don’t have a laptop or desktop which is in working condition right now but my brother does. So he brings the laptop whenever he’s visiting. He also brings these delicious cakes from where he’s working. So yeah, I always look forward to him visiting. Because he’s fun to have around. Haha.

It was our uncles birthday last Sunday and so we were at his place celebrating. Typical birthday celebration. Cake, pics and more pics, then pics in different angles and lighting. Yeah. Good times. After dinner, we all talked and all the senior citizens went off to sleep, we stayed awake. The six of us cousins. We always have something great to share. New stories from work or college, something about family history and all that. And thus began a night of debates, discussion, laughter and some… Horror stories too.

World Politics. Sound exciting? With all that is going on around, we all had some good points to present. If a third world war breaks out, do we stand a chance? Which country will side with who? And what not. Well, that died out pretty quickly. It’s no use talking about world leaders. They’ll do as they please. My brother mentioned about the politics that go around at his workplace. Then my sister shared a funny story about her colleague which I didn’t understand but I laughed anyways. Out of the six of us, I’m the second youngest. The youngest one, did most of the listening. Doesn’t have that many experiences to tell haha. And all these elders are working so they have shit loads to tell. So anyways, we are talking about friends and work load and I’m complaining about my college life. Typical teenage talk. From that we came to our family history. What our ancestors did and how our parents tell us about their parents and all the shit that went down during their time. How they had to climb mountains, fight a lion, swim across a river just to get to school. You know… Parents. We then went on to astrology. I don’t know how, but yeah, we were now talking about astrology. Then stars, Karma, demons, angels, god, yoga. We went on blabbering. No matter what anyone says, aquarians are the coolest. We really are. I mean look at me. We like such stuff. We just don’t get too much into it. No use wasting time hoping that as soon as sun enters my sign everything around me will change and all. But no. Nothing changes and you sit there analysing and blaming astrology rather than getting your shit together.

This went on for a long time. It was almost 2.50am when my cousin brother says, “Did you know? 3am-4am is known as the Devils hour?” Bruuuuh. Don’t even. The thing is, I’m scared of ghosts and horror movies. Who isn’t? But I’m scared a level above them. You know? A little more. And I can imagine things pretty quickly. Now most of the “real life” horror stories we hear are fake. Well, all of them can be fake but my imagination is real. And wild. So it started. Witches in the villages to spirits clinging to objects. Stories about godmen walking along the shores of sacred rivers. In Hindu culture, we have different forms for one true universal being. So there are many stories related to that too. Again, these stories about witches and demons and gods and all the entities may or may not be true, but as a story, fantasy it’s amazing to hear.We discussed a lot of such stories and incidents that have taken place. There are evidences, apparently, of existence of all these things. It was fun to hear my cousins tell us about a lady with crooked legs and a 20ft godman. Sometimesssss, it gets a little heavy. It was around 4.30 when we decided to sleep. Had a lot of work the next… In the next hours.

Naturally, me being a coward that I am, couldn’t sleep. I twisted and turned on the bed. My brother and one of my cousin brother were sleeping together with me. Not because I was scared to sleep alone, which I was, but the main reason was we had to adjust for a night. Too many people, fewer beds. With me turning and twisting every 10secs, it finally made my brother yell:


And I was off.


Some men think they are above women, can do anything, behave anyhow and get away with it. A girl is considered “impure” because she’s on her periods. She’s not allowed to enter temples or even kitchen for that matter. Yes. This still happens in some parts of the country. Inappropriate and lewd comments are made towards women on a daily basis. They are harrassed online because the men, they think they can get away with it. Internet gives us weird and unnecessary power.

Why do these goons think they are above law? What aren’t they scared? Just because their parents are capable of “feeding” the police? And the police are happy eating? No matter how full they are, they’ll make space for sweets. A boy rapes a girl and he is arrested just to be bailed out the next day? That’s it? He will probably laugh it off with his friends. Yes. They have made it that trivial. What about the girl? Her life is probably ruined. Rapes, acid attacks, physical abuse, stalking, online harrassment… Why are these things taken so lightly? Why is no serious action taken? “It’s okay. I just touched her.”, Comes his reply. No. Not acceptable. Cowardly. Would you like it if someone just comes and touches your penis? How would you feel? Imagine how grossed out she must feel. She doesn’t want to see your dick. No one does. Disgusting.

They expect us to forget these things easily? We don’t forget things. It’s just our voices aren’t loud enough. We need to be loud. Like how we are loud during festivals. Like how we are loud on the roads just fucking honking away. Why can’t we be loud for something that actually matters?

“Look at her, riding a bike.”…. Ok so? Are you jealous she gets to ride a sports bike and you don’t? What’s the point of the comment you just made? Are you fucking stupid? Don’t stare at her like that dude. Let her be.

“Omg she’s wearing shorts out in public.” -LET HER! Don’t tell her what to wear. If this arouses you, go home, masturbate and calm the fuck down. It’s natural to be aroused. But don’t go around touching and groping her. Sick.

Think about it. Education is important. It’ll clear things. What’s right and what’s wrong. Wearing what makes you feel comfortable isn’t wrong. Don’t mix culture everywhere. There’s something called law. Follow it. Learn to respect everyone. No matter who he or she is. That’s the least you can do.